Package fr.cnes.sitools.common.model

Interface Summary
IResource Resource interface for sorting resources or other SITools objects collection on many fields.

Class Summary
AbstractPluginsDescriptionDTO Base class DTO for SITools plug-ins
Dependencies Dependencies Model Object for Project Module Used to store lists of URLs containing js or css URLs
Event Evenements enregistr├ęs dans le processus de gestion des commandes, des inscriptions etc.
ExtensionModel<E extends ExtensionParameter> Base class for all plugin models
ExtensionParameter Base class for extension parameters
Resource Base class for Resource.
ResourceCollectionFilter Base class for filter parameters.
ResourceComparator<T> Generic class for sorting SITools objects based on ResourceCollectionFilter definition.
Response Generic response class for XML/JSON serialization.
UpdatingPlan Update plans for a resource, affecting expiration dates and modification dates of a request answer.
Url Class to store simple url

Enum Summary
Category Enumeration for Application category designed for separating usage between

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