Package fr.cnes.sitools.dataset.model

Class Summary
Column Class for column definition of a DataSet
ColumnConceptMapping Model class to store Mappings between a column and a list of concepts
ColumnRenderer Model Object to represent a ColumnRenderer for a specific column
DataSet Class defining a DataSet The DataSet is shared by all resources of the DataSetApplication.
DictionaryMapping A Model class to store Dictionary mapping.
Multisort MultiSort Definition on a DataSet.
Predicat Class to define a predicate = WHERE clause line A WHERE clause is a list of predicates
Sort Sort Definition on a DatasetColumn.

Enum Summary
BehaviorEnum Specific type sfor columns
ColumnSpecificType Specific type sfor columns
Operator Operators for the filter
Sort.SortOrder Sorting order enum
SpecificColumnType Specific type for a DataSet column
Wildcard Wildcard type for right value predicat

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