Package fr.cnes.sitools.dataset

Class Summary
AbstractDataSetApplication Abstract application - Factors a DataSetStore and a datasetId
AbstractDataSetResource Base class for DataSet management resources
ActivationDataSetResource Class for management of specific actions on a DataSet
ColumnResource Class for column resource
DataSetAdministration Application for managing DataSets Dependencies : DataSets
DataSetApplication Application for exposing DataSets (one instance of DataSetApplication per DataSet) TODO Constructor with all generic security configuration (Authenticator informations)
DataSetCollectionResource DataSet collection resource with CR operations
DataSetDictionaryMappingCollectionResource Resource for managing Dictionary mappings on a DataSet
DataSetDictionaryMappingResource Resource for managing Dictionary mappings on a DataSet
DataSetExpositionResource DataSet resource with only Get operation
DataSetListFeedsResource Resource for the dataset list of feeds
DataSetListFormsResource Return the list of forms for a dataset
DataSetListGuiServicesResource Resource to expose the list of plugins resources for a SitoolsParameterizedApplication
DataSetMonitoringResource Informations about exposition application of DataSet and its data.
DataSetNotificationResource Resource to handle Notifications calls on Dataset.
DataSetResource DataSet resource with RUD operations
DatasetRSSResource Resource which returns a RSS representation of the DataSet
DataSetStoreXML Class for managing DataSet objects persistence with XStream FilePersistenceStrategy
ListServicesResource Resource to get the list of services on a Dataset
RefreshDataSetResource Resource for refreshing OpenSearch definition when DataSet change notification.

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