Package fr.cnes.sitools.dictionary

Class Summary
AbstractConceptTemplateResource Base resource for concept template management
AbstractDictionaryResource Base resource for dictionary management
ConceptResource Concept. parent object is fully returned with its table of items.
ConceptTemplateAdministration Application for managing templates of concepts Dependencies : Dictionaries may reference a ConceptTemplate.
ConceptTemplateCollectionResource Resource for concept template collection
ConceptTemplateResource Resource for concept template services
ConceptTemplateStoreXML Implementation of ConceptTemplateStore with XStream FilePersistenceStrategy
DictionaryAdministration Application for managing dictionary Dependencies : DataSets columns references Dictionary notions.
DictionaryCollectionResource Class for dictionary collection management
DictionaryResource Class for dictionary management (GET, UPDATE, DELETE)
DictionaryStoreXML Implementation of DictionaryStore with XStream FilePersistenceStrategy
PropertyResource Notion. parent object is fully returned with its table of items.

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