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Packages that use Portal

Uses of Portal in fr.cnes.sitools.portal

Methods in fr.cnes.sitools.portal that return Portal
 Portal AbstractPortalResource.getObject(org.restlet.representation.Representation representation, org.restlet.representation.Variant variant)
          Decode the given representation to a Portal object.

Methods in fr.cnes.sitools.portal that return types with arguments of type Portal
 PersistenceDao<Portal> AbstractPortalResource.getStore()
          Return the store associated to the Portal resource

Uses of Portal in fr.cnes.sitools.portal.multidatasets.opensearch

Methods in fr.cnes.sitools.portal.multidatasets.opensearch that return Portal
 Portal MutliDsOsResource.getPortal()
          Gets the portal value

Methods in fr.cnes.sitools.portal.multidatasets.opensearch with parameters of type Portal
 void MutliDsOsResource.setPortal(Portal portal)
          Sets the value of portal

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