Interface Summary
UsersAndGroupsStore Interface for user and groups management.

Class Summary
EditUserProfileResource Class for Editing an User Profile
FindRoleResource Resource for managing single User
GroupResource Group resource
GroupsResource Groups resource
HSQLDBUsersAndGroupsStoreResource SQL Resources for mysql
JDBCUsersAndGroupsStore Implementation of UsersAndGroupsStore with SQL JDBC Persistence JDBCUsersAndGroupsStoreResource SQL Request
MYSQLUsersAndGroupsStoreResource SQL Resources for mysql
PGSQLUsersAndGroupsStoreResource SQL Resources for postgresql
SecurityUtil Utility class for security checking / encrypting
UserResource Resource for managing single User UsersAndGroupsAdministration Class Application for managing users and groups
UsersAndGroupsResource Resource for managing users and groups
UsersAndGroupsStoreXML Users and Groups XML storage
UsersResource Resource for users management

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