Package fr.cnes.sitools.util

Interface Summary
FileUtils.IOFileFilter Interface for File filters, joining both File and File name filters

Class Summary
ClientResourceProxy ClientResourceProxy based on ProxySettings
DateUtils Custom DateUtils class for SITools2.
FileCopyUtils Utility class to copy a file or a folder and its sub-folder
FileUtils.AndFileFilter And file filter
FileUtils.DirectoryFileFilter Directory file filter
FileUtils.FalseFileFilter False filter
FileUtils.NameFileFilter Name file filter
FileUtils.NotFileFilter Not file filter
FileUtils.OrFileFilter Or file filter
FileUtils.PrefixFileFilter Prefix filter
FileUtils.SuffixFileFilter Suffic file filter
FileUtils.TrueFileFilter Main file filter
MailUtils The Class MailUtils.
Property Basic Key Value Class
RESTUtils Tools for
RIAPUtils Utils class for RIAP calls
SQLUtils Mysql Utilities
TemplateUtils Freemarker template utilities
Util Utility Class

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